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Farmers Union Encouraged by Move to Higher Ethanol Blends
Iowa Ag Connection - 10/11/2018

President Donald Trump announced the administration's intentions to allow the use of E15 gasoline in summer months and bring greater transparency to the trading of biofuel credits, known as Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs). The announcement is an attempt to mitigate a bitter battle between U.S. biofuel and oil industries over the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the nation's premier biofuel policy.

National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson said family farmers are encouraged by the move that will allow for increased use of higher blends of ethanol, but that the compromise is a "net loss" in demand for farm products at a time when family farmers are going out of business because of low farm prices. Johnson released the following statement in response to the President's announcement:

"Allowing use of E15 gasoline year-round is an important step toward realizing a renewable energy future for transportation fuel sector, and we're appreciative of the administration's support for higher level blends of ethanol.

"At the same time, this 'compromise' does nothing to address the billions of gallons of ethanol demand that were lost as a result of the EPA's RFS waiver handouts to oil refiners. Family farmers are in significant financial distress right now, and the administration's surreptitious biofuel demand destruction has made matters worse. The bottom line here is that if the President wants to do right by his promises to support family farmers and American grown biofuels, his administration must support net increases in biofuel use. Even with an E15 waiver, family farmers are at a net loss in biofuel demand over the past two years."

Iowa Farmers Union President Aaron Lehman, a farmer from rural Polk County, isn't satisfied with the compromise. "The E15 move itself is positive, but you can't be pro-ethanol and still give hand outs to oil refiners to skip over the ethanol standards," said Lehman. "The administration wants it both ways. But in reality that just means less ethanol overall and lower prices for our grain."

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