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Rural Communities Call for Trump to Restore Biofuel Markets
Iowa Ag Connection - 12/18/2019

Farmers, biofuel workers, and community advocates from across the heartland Tuesday sent a letter petitioning President Trump to restore markets for American farmers and biofuel producers. Signed by 1,726 biodiesel and ethanol supporters across 41 states, the letter was delivered by hand to the White House Tuesday. It notes that the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) draft 2020 plan under the Renewable Fuel Standard accounts for only a fraction of the biofuel demand lost to the agency's abuse of Small Refinery Exemptions.

"Farmers and biofuel producers across the country are simply asking that the EPA enforce the law," wrote biofuel supporters. "A solution based on actual gallons waived will offer the certainty needed for plant owners to resume production and for farm communities to recover from the EPA's unprecedented use of oil refinery waivers."

"It's clear to us that only your direct intervention can stop the EPA from sabotaging this important rule, and we are counting on you to fully restore the markets that have been taken away from American farmers and biofuel producers," they added.

A final rule is expected this month.

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