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Iowa's American Wind Week to Launch Wind County Seal
Iowa Ag Connection - 08/11/2020

This week marks American Wind Week, an annual celebration of wind energy's leading role in powering our country and the many ways wind is helping build the future. This year, Power Up Iowa and its supporters have plenty to celebrate as wind is now America's number one source of renewable energy.

According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind power has created good-paying jobs for over 120,000 Americans across all 50 states, including more than 26,000 jobs at more than 530 U.S. factories that build wind turbine parts. Wind energy is a drought and flood proof "cash crop" for America's family farmers and ranchers, paying over $1.6 billion dollars a year in lease payments and tax revenue, while avoiding carbon pollution equivalent to 42 million cars. The nation has a vast resource to harvest through both onshore and offshore wind energy development, with a power potential that is nearly double the nation's electricity use.

Right here in Iowa, Governor Reynolds will sign a proclamation announcing this week as American Wind Week, along with 21 cities and counties across the state. In Iowa, wind now supports 10,000 jobs, $69 million in annual land lease payments, and provides $61 million in tax revenue for state and local governments, leading to new community facilities such as schools and courthouses, improving roads and bridges, and upgrading emergency services. More than $19 billion in capital financing has been invested in the state, providing unparalleled opportunities for workforce expansion and economic growth as a result of wind energy.

Throughout the week, Power Up Iowa will be sharing the stories of communities that are benefiting from wind energy. These stories are now available including two notable examples from O'Brien and Cherokee Counties.

On Monday, Apex Clean Energy hosted a virtual tour of a wind farm and wind turbine climb to highlight the wind energy workers on the frontlines helping keep the lights on every day and ensuring that Americans have access to cheap, clean electricity.

Power Up Iowa also announced that it's holding a virtual event Aug. 12 at 2 p.m. that will give Iowans an opportunity to hear more about the successes of wind energy in their own state:

Iowa is a leader in renewable energy with 42% of all state electricity coming from wind power, but it's not just the geographic location, regulatory environment, and leadership that make Iowa a success story. Many counties across the state have harnessed the power of wind energy as an opportunity to educate future generations, create jobs, support farmers, grow their tax base, and stimulate their local economies.

This event will serve to award 19 counties with a gold, silver, or bronze Wind County Seal. These counties seized on the opportunity to be a part of wind energy's success and are embracing the benefits that wind energy has brought to their local communities.

This event will also serve to recognize Reynolds for her support of wind power and will conclude with a statewide proclamation recognizing Aug. 9-15 as American Wind Week in Iowa.

Please visit to register for the event.

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